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What Tree Services Can An Arborist Provide

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What Tree Services Can An Arborist Provide

Arborists are qualified to perform a wide range of tree care services to keep your trees healthy and maintained. They are also trained to remove and dispose of trees safely and efficiently if you decide they need to be removed. Read on to learn a few different services arborists can provide you and your garden.

1 – Tree Removal
It goes without saying a big part of an arborists job is removing trees. This might be required for several reasons including safety – which includes dead or dying trees, or trees damaged by weather, practical reasons, such as the tree dropping too many leaves and branches and becoming a problem, or perhaps you’re wanting a change in your yard, letting in more sunlight, or you have other ideas for the garden space. Either way an arborist can assist here, removing trees of any size using a system of ropes, saws, chainsaws and wedges, to safely bring even the largest tree to the ground safely. Most arborists also have the equipment required to remove the stump, which can be quite a hassle to remove otherwise.

2 – Tree Pruning
Qualified arborists can also provide tree pruning, this is a process of tree maintenance and removal of sections or branches that enable a tree to grow in a more healthy manner, especially so for fruit trees, pruning can help them to produce more fruit if done correctly. Common tree pruning methods including pollarding, crown raising, crown reduction and crown lifting.

3 – Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is the shaping and removal of branches and limbs to change the shape and look of a tree. Sometimes trees grow in a certain way that isnt conducive to the environment its in, perhaps blocking sunlight of growing into a building or powerline, tree trimming is a way to manage this without removing the tree altogether.

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