Qualified Arborist & Tree Removal in Wollongong

Tree Removal

Tree removal, or tree lopping, lets you remove any tree that is causing a problem on your property.  Removing a tree can protect your home and allow the light to come flooding into your garden.  You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your garden can look.

Stump Grinding

Getting rid of an old tree stump can make your garden so much more enjoyable.  Grinding down an old stump lets you have the smooth, flat lawn you’ve been dreaming of or makes space in your borders for more of the plants you love.

Tree Trimming

A well-cared for tree is an asset to your home and regular tree trimming helps you keep it under control.  Our tree trimming services help to prevent excessive growth, allowing you to keep the tree you love at an appropriate size for your garden.

Arborist Services

A skilled Arborist can assist you with all sorts of tree health and tree related issues. We can assess the health of a tree, provide a report if needed, and give you some options for how you would like to proceed.