Tree Trimming Wollongong

Need Tree Trimming In Wollongong?

Timely tree trimming tames your tumultuous trees. Our tree trimming services can help you to make the most of your garden by

  • Letting you keep trees that were growing out of control
  • Allowing more sunshine into your garden
  • Giving you greater choice about how you want your trees to look
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Making the whole street envious of your tidy tree-line

You might be confused about the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning. Tree trimming is the process of cutting back healthy wood to keep a tree at the size and shape that you want. This is different from pruning, which is about removing diseased or damaged wood. Tree trimming allows you to grow trees that would naturally be very large in more confined spaces and lets you make the most of the tree you have in the space available.

More Tree Trimming Benefits


Despite what you might have heard, size really does matter… at least when it comes to trees. If your tree is too large for the space available, it can shade the whole garden and dramatically reduce the pleasure you get from your garden. We want your tree to be a source of joy so we will follow your lead and keep your tree at a size that’s easy for you to handle.

Tree trimming also allows you to have control over the shape of your tree. Trees can be grown (technically “trained”) in many different shapes and designs. This is less about cutting hedges into the shape of peacocks and more about making your trees fit the design and function that you have in mind. Fruit trees, for example, can be ‘fan trained’. Sadly, this has nothing to do with them offering a cooling breeze on a hot day. Rather, it is way of growing trees against a wall to speed up how quickly fruit ripens. Some trees can even be trimmed so that they grow to look like a bush, rather than a tree. Eucalyptus is a favourite of ours for this.

If your garden or your trees tend towards being slightly unruly, our tree trimming experts can create military perfection from your arboreal soldiers. If you’d like a quote on some tree trimming contact us for your tree service needs today.

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