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Tree pruning is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy and happy and something all good Arborists offer. Unlike trimming, tree pruning is about removing damaged or diseased wood to ensure that your tree gets the long, fulfilling life it deserves.

Tree pruning is a specialist skill, requiring experience and training to know which types of trees need what kind of care. One of the biggest difficulties in diagnosing tree diseases is that trees are notoriously stoic, never admitting to where it hurts. Our expert tree-wrangling skills and wood-side manner allows us to diagnose sick or vulnerable trees early, meaning that you never need to worry whether your tree is rotten inside.

With our sage-like wisdom, we are able to give your tree the exact care it needs. We can thin dense foliage to avoid mildew or offer light pruning to prevent shock whilst you focus on your areas of expertise, whether that’s teaching the kids how to ride a bike, reading the paper or opening a cold beer.

Our Tree Pruning Services


Almost all trees will require some pruning to keep them in optimum condition. We’re happy to offer a one-off health check and snip or we can work on a longer term arrangement where we provide regular check-ups and service for your trees. You arrange for your mechanic to give regular check ups and service for your car and (if you’re anything like us) you keep meaning to sort out an appointment with your doctor to get the same for your body (though hopefully without quite the same equipment). Your trees deserve this kind of pre-emptive love and care as well.

Arranging regular tree care appointments means that you can relax, knowing that your trees are in perfect health. Alternatively, we are happy to ride to the rescue on our noble steeds (or a Ford Transit, if noble steed parking isn’t easily available) and offer emergency services to your damson (tree) in distress.

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