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Need Tree Removal Services In Illawarra Or Wollongong?

Tree removal might seem like a drastic step, but you can reap the benefits, including

– Less time spent tidying up your garden
– Removing the risk of harm from falling trees
– More space in your garden
– Brightening up a shady corner
– Preventing structural damage to your home from tree roots

As much as we love trees, we understand that there are times when a tree has become a problem. Whether the roots causing issues to your path, driveway, house foundations or to other areas of the garden, or it blocking too much sunlight into your yard. Keeping your yard clear can also be surprisingly time-consuming and frustrating, as you sweep the leaves into tidy piles only to see the wind joyfully render your efforts fruitless.

You might hope that having an evergreen tree saves you from this difficulty, but stepping barefoot on pine needles is only slightly less unpleasant than finding Lego with your feet in the middle of the night. We can’t help you reduce the maintenance requirement of your teenagers or take the Lego from your toddlers, but tree lopping might be the best option if the maintenance of your yard is too much because of your tree.

More Benefits Of Tree Removal In Wollongong


Maintenance isn’t the only problem with having an unwanted tree in your yard. Oversized or poorly placed trees take up a lot of space in your garden and keep many other plants in permanent shade. Tree lopping can give you back huge swathes of your garden, creating a bright sunny utopia out of what is currently a dark, empty corner.

You might have a diseased tree, that needs to be removed to protect its healthy compatriots. If you have a tree that is diseased or rotten, there is a significant risk of it falling and causing damage to your home or, worse, to yourself or your family. You are even at risk of being sued if it falls and hurts someone else. Our tree removal services can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Other trees are like the over-eager housemate who doesn’t understand personal space. Their roots creep ever closer to your home, doing damage to paving, landscaping and even the foundations of your home. This is an urgent problem, and we’re happy to provide an urgent solution.

Deciding that a tree needs to be evicted from your home is only the first step. Tree removal is a specialist task and can be risky for amateurs. With our extensive experience and laser-focus on safety, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in safe hands while we take your tree away to a better place. Once we’ve removed the tree we can also offer tree stump grinding as you no doubt will want to stump removed as well.

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