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Need Stump Grinding In Wollongong?

So whether you’ve recently removed a tree or you’ve had an old stump for quite a while, they can near impossible to remove by yourself depending on the size, and how deep the root system goes. Stump grinding uses a dedicated piece of machinery to cut the tree stump in your garden into tiny little chips of wood which will save you hours of backbreaking work, and also solves the problem of what to do with the stump once you’ve removed it.

Tree stumps are tricky things to get rid of, as the root system underground can extend below ground as far as the branches did above ground. This is why many budget tree removal companies will leave the stump behind. Unfortunately, a tree stump in the middle of the lawn is more likely to trip you up or leave you grumbling as you mow around it than it is to become a delightful feature you show off with pride. There is also the risk that your unwanted arboreal tenant might rise from the dead, growing new shoots above ground as the roots continue to draw in moisture and nutrients.

  • Removing tree stumps comes with a range of benefits such as
  • More useable space in your garden
  • Getting rid of an eyesore
  • No more trip hazard
  • Removing the risk of garden pests taking up residence in the stump

Tree stump removal is an important part of keeping your remaining trees and shrubs healthy. Tree stumps will rot down eventually, but this takes decades and all sorts of pests and diseases can sneak in over this time. Stump grinding takes away a potential source of damage to the trees you want to keep and may be much cheaper than restoring a tree to health once it has become infected.

Why Stump Grinding?


Stump grinding gives you your lawn back. Whether you want to sunbathe, play with the kids, chase the dog or just enjoy your garden without having to negotiate a path around a miniature obstacle course, stump grinding can give you the smooth, flat lawn you’ve been coveting.

If your tree stump is in the borders, rather than in the lawn, stump grinding is still incredibly valuable. Not only are trees notoriously hard to kill but the extensive root systems can prevent your beloved flowers and shrubs from establishing properly. If you want prize-winning peonies or robust rhododendrons, you’ll want to ensure that your tree stump is long-gone. If you’re hoping for a veggie patch, tree stump removal is even more essential. Digging up potatoes and carrots is hard enough work without trying to extract the roots of your dearly-departed date tree.

Whatever you want to use the space in your garden for, stump grinding allows you to make full use of your outdoor space. Stump grinding and indeed tree removal may not be necessary in some cases, and we can offer tree trimming instead. If you’re ready for a quote call Tree Removal Wollongong today.

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